Portfolio photography

For Mijksenaar's portfolio I visit many wayfinding projects created by other designers at the Mijksenaar office. Wayfinding project for the EDGE...

Wayfinding Media Park

Het Media Park Hilversum is het mediahart van Nederland. Een inspirerende plek met een rijke historie.

Wayfinding Noord/Zuidlijn

Vanuit Mijksenaar wayfinding experts ben ik verantwoordelijk geweest voor de controles van de bebording op alle 8 stations van de Noord/Zuidlijn te Amsterdam.

De weg vinden in Carré

Een compact team van Mijksenaar heeft een nieuwe wayfinding gerealiseerd in dit indrukwekkende Theater.

Wayfinding Schiphol

Mijksenaar wayfinding experts has been responsible for signage at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol since 1990. Since 2014 Thoas is part of the Schiphol-team at Mijksenaar. 

Mijksenaar photography

Thoas is responsible for most of the photography at Mijksenaar wayfinding experts.

Rietveldroute Utrecht

Rietveld built a number of houses in, among other places, Utrecht. A route through this city soon leads architecture enthusiasts from the Centraal Museum past other Rietveld objects to this exceptional house

Wayfinding Groot Handelsgebouw

Het Groot Handelsgebouw, pal naast Rotterdam Centraal, is het grootste bedrijfsverzamelgebouw van Nederland. 

Core values at Mijksenaar

Photography for the presentation of Mijksenaars three core values.  ...

Jaar van de Huiszwaluw

In opdracht van Sovon ontwerp ik elk jaar het logo waarmee een vogelsoort een jaar lang centraal staat. 2018 is het Jaar van de Huiszwaluw. Meer informatie hierover vind je op de website van Sovon, die ...

Thoas werkt bij Mijksenaar

Vanaf augustus 2014 ben ik werkzaam bij Mijksenaar wayfinding experts.

FietsVak 2014

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Photography De Kubbe

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About internship

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Project Crossmedia #2

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Flyers voor PosterCandy

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Project Crossmedia #1

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Eetwaar = eetbaar?

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Bicycle Parade in Amsterdam

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Report templates GEM

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Boom Chicago

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Lectures at HvA

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Refresh corporate identity GEM

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Universiteit van Nederland

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TEDxAmsterdam 2012

Gastcollege Minerva

Accenture Innovation Awards 2012


Zesdaagse Amsterdam


Vanaf nu is Thoas.nl in het Nederlands

Corporate Identity Sovon

We (Thoas.nl & mr10) created the all new corporate identity for Sovon Dutch Centre for Field Ornithology.

Delft Doctoral Debates

The Department of Architecture of the TU Delft is organizing a series of Delft Doctoral Debates


Portrait of the Jan Wessel, Geeske, Meriam and Kennedy.

Judging Portfolio’s

In April I visited the School of Fine Arts, Minerva for a day of judging students Portfolio's. I saw a lot of young talent that day!

Lecture on Internship

In February I gave two lectures at the School of Fine Arts, Minerva.

Portrait for DUO

The portrait of Jan Bouhuizen is made for TOON, the staff magazine from DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs). The article is called 'Van krantenjongen tot ambtenaar'. Text by ...

PhD Posters, TU Delft

The Department of Architecture of the TU Delft (Delft University of Technology) presented their PhD projects in a series of posters during the Kick Off of the Facultary Graduate School.

Liander Open Huis

Liander Open Huis (meaning Liander opens there doors) is a campaign to learn people about the work Liander does for the energy networks.  ...

Calligraphy Workshop

I attended a Calligraphy workshop by Brazilian designer Yomar Augusto and shot these photo's.

Research Portfolio Architecture

The Research Portfolio Architecture 2005-2010 is a summery of all the research done by the Department of Architecture form the TU Delft (Delft University of Technology)....

Thoas.nl draait!

Thoas is gestopt bij Proforma in 2010 en is voor zichzelf begonnen in Amsterdam.

Brand Design Sven Kramer

    I designed a brand for Ice Speed Skating World- and Olympic Champion Sven Kramer called SvenK.

AFM Annual Report 2009

The third annual report I ...

Nina & Glenn

I shot the pictures of Nina & Glenn's wedding in Kardamili, Greece.

PMT Annual Report 2009

This is the third annual report I made for PMT.


I designed the corporate website Grodan.com


Kyteman and Pax

Staff magazine AFM

  For the AFM I created the all new staff magazine.With articles, photography and illustrations, ...

Poster Influenza A (H1N1)

Thanks to Ana Yankova

New Years Eve Campaign

Campaign during New Years Eve for Gemeente Rotterdam. The whole campaign was made together with Niek Jan Tops. One year earlier I made the same campaign with other ...

Stakeholders magazine AFM

Corporate magazine for all the stakeholders of the AFM (the financial world in the Netherlands). Made while working at Proforma, Rotterdam.

Zomer Carnaval Rotterdam

Corporate Identity AFM

For the Netherlands Authority of Financial Markets I created a layered identity.

Corporate Identity PMT

Pensioenfonds Metaal & Techniek is the Dutch pensionfund for the metalworkers and technicions.

My interns

At Proforma (2005-2010) I hired and trained a lot of interns.

Analyses on Entrepreneurial Activity

The Geography of Entrepreneurial Activity and Regional Economic Development Multilevel analyses for Dutch and European regions The importance of entrepreneurship for economic development is practically undisputed among academics­ and policy makers. However, despite a growing number of academic studies researching the relevance of entrepreneurship, there is ...

Corporate folder World Waternet

This corporate folder was published in two languages (Dutch and English)

Street Science


La Melodia

For 3voor12 I made pictures of La Melodia's preformance at NAI, Rotterdam

Wonen Naar Wens

For the housing corporation Woonmaatschappij I created a small campaign style called 'Wonen Naar Wens' within the existing rules.

Typhoon in Waterfront

I shot the photography during a concert of Typhoon in Waterfront, Rotterdam for 3voor12 Rotterdam  

New Years Eve

Mist during new years eve.

Corporate Identity Eussengroep

Made while working at Proforma, Rotterdam.

Corporate Identity Nature’s Pride

For Nature's Pride I designed an identity with there existing logo. The new style is based on pride, so I used meanly photography of their products on every item I designed, like businesscards, advertisements, posters, packaging etc. Made while working at Proforma, ...

Scootering Magazine

Shot the photo's of classic scooter races in Lelystad for famous Britisch scooter magazine Scootering

Logo Sense Studios

I designed a multi-functional logo for Sense Studios, a VJ-collective from Amsterdam.

Restyle Op Pad magazine

Op Pad is an outdoor magazine from the ANWB.

Thoas werkt bij Proforma

Na drie jaar een eigen studio te hebben gehad met Jan Wessel 'Waxle' Hovingh werd het tijd voor een nieuwe uitdaging. Deze vond ik bij Proforma in Rotterdam.

Gelders Fanfare Orkest

We created a folder and all visuals for the new show of the Gelders Fanfare Orkest called 'New Horizons'. The fantasy instrument was created with all played instuments in the orchestra. I made this together with Waxle, who was ...

Akzo Nobel’s Online Magazine

Corporate Identity Arminius

I created the identity for 'Stichting Arminius' who use a church in the centre of Rotterdam as a stage for art, culture and debate.


From 2002 to 2005 I had my own studio called Hardcorps together with Jan Wessel 'Waxle' Hovingh in The Hague  

Zaal 024

  Photography by Jean Paul Yska

De Comedyband

We designed and developed an identity for the theatergroup De Comedyband. We also made a entertaining website.

Academy of Architecture

I designed posters and flyers for the Academy of Architecture Groningen

Stad Op Het Spoor

An exhibition from students of Art- and Architectural History from the University of Groningen.

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