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Jaar van de Huiszwaluw

In opdracht van Sovon ontwerp ik elk jaar het logo waarmee een vogelsoort een jaar lang centraal staat. 2018 is het Jaar van de Huiszwaluw. Meer informatie hierover vind je op de website van Sovon, die ...

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New Years Eve Campaign

Campaign during New Years Eve for Gemeente Rotterdam. The whole campaign was made together with Niek Jan Tops. One year earlier I made the same campaign with other ...

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Corporate Identity AFM

For the Netherlands Authority of Financial Markets I created a layered identity.

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Analyses on Entrepreneurial Activity

The Geography of Entrepreneurial Activity and Regional Economic Development Multilevel analyses for Dutch and European regions The importance of entrepreneurship for economic development is practically undisputed among academicsĀ­ and policy makers. However, despite a growing number of academic studies researching the relevance of entrepreneurship, there is ...

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Gelders Fanfare Orkest

We created a folder and all visuals for the new show of the Gelders Fanfare Orkest called 'New Horizons'. The fantasy instrument was created with all played instuments in the orchestra. I made this together with Waxle, who was ...

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