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Flyers voor PosterCandy

Met PosterCandy verander je jouw losse foto's in een collage op groot formaat met een topkwaliteit afdruk.

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Bullitt is een winkel, galerie en werkplaats voor kleding, vintage artikelen, design en gelimiteerde producties in Amsterdam West.

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Rapport sjablonen GEM

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) teams van over de hele wereld brengen rapporten uit. Er was een universeel format nodig om hier een geheel in aan te brengen.

View Rapport sjablonen GEM

Refresh huisstijl GEM

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (Londen) vroeg me de bestaande huisstijl strak te trekken met behoud van het bestaande logo.

View Refresh huisstijl GEM

Corporate Identity Sovon

We ( & mr10) created the all new corporate identity for Sovon Dutch Centre for Field Ornithology.

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Delft Doctoral Debates

The Department of Architecture of the TU Delft is organizing a series of Delft Doctoral Debates

View Delft Doctoral Debates

Brand Design Sven Kramer

    I designed a brand for Ice Speed Skating World- and Olympic Champion Sven Kramer called SvenK.

View Brand Design Sven Kramer

I designed the corporate website


Staff magazine AFM

  For the AFM I created the all new staff magazine.With articles, photography and illustrations, ...

View Staff magazine AFM

Stakeholders magazine AFM

Corporate magazine for all the stakeholders of the AFM (the financial world in the Netherlands). Made while working at Proforma, Rotterdam.

View Stakeholders magazine AFM

Corporate Identity AFM

For the Netherlands Authority of Financial Markets I created a layered identity.

View Corporate Identity AFM

Corporate Identity PMT

Pensioenfonds Metaal & Techniek is the Dutch pensionfund for the metalworkers and technicions.

View Corporate Identity PMT

Corporate folder World Waternet

This corporate folder was published in two languages (Dutch and English)

View Corporate folder World Waternet

Wonen Naar Wens

For the housing corporation Woonmaatschappij I created a small campaign style called 'Wonen Naar Wens' within the existing rules.

View Wonen Naar Wens

Corporate Identity Eussengroep

Made while working at Proforma, Rotterdam.

View Corporate Identity Eussengroep

Corporate Identity Nature’s Pride

For Nature's Pride I designed an identity with their existing logo. The new style is based on pride, so I used meanly photos of their products on every item I designed, like businesscards, advertisements, posters, packaging etc. Made while working at Proforma, ...

View Corporate Identity Nature’s Pride

Logo Sense Studios

I designed a multi-functional logo for Sense Studios, a VJ-collective from Amsterdam.

View Logo Sense Studios

Corporate Identity Arminius

I created the identity for 'Stichting Arminius' who use a church in the centre of Rotterdam as a stage for art, culture and debate.

View Corporate Identity Arminius

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